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Cost-Per-Lead CPL

Drive high-quality leads to accelerate your business growth with our targeted CPL strategy.

Experience the power of converting untapped potential into lucrative profits. Our specialized approach ensures the quality of every lead, maximizing your chances of success in the sales process. 

Unlock new opportunities and amplify your business's growth potential with our proven CPL solution. Transforming your prospects into long-term customers has never been more seamless and rewarding.



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Persona's Identified

Discovering personas for a CPL (Cost-Per-Lead) initiative encompasses crafting elaborate profiles of your ideal customers or potential leads. These persona representations serve as a tool to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. As a result, you can personalize your marketing campaigns and yield superior leads with the utmost efficiency.


Test Leads Provided

Providing test leads for a CPL program is crucial for effectively assessing lead quality and optimizing B2B marketing strategies. These test leads help evaluate the program's overall ability to attract genuinely interested prospects. They can be used to refine ad copy, adjust targeting parameters, enhance landing page experience, and improve overall campaign performance.


Start Selling

Embark on a transformative journey to sell CPL services in the realm of digital marketing. As a dedicated provider, you can actively bridge the gap between businesses and their specific target audience. Expertly craft compelling lead generation campaigns across various marketing channels.

Build unwavering trust by consistently delivering high-quality leads that perfectly align with client needs.


Unlock the Power of Steady Lead Generation

The process of finding, qualifying, and nurturing leads can be time-consuming, expensive, and often frustrating. Our Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) service eliminates these challenges. We provide a predictable and cost-effective way to acquire the necessary leads to drive sales and achieve your business goals.

  • Predictable Lead Generation: Our Cost-Per-Lead calculation model ensures you pay a fixed cost per qualified lead. This gives you complete control over your lead generation budget and eliminates any surprises.
  • Access to a Vast Lead Pool: We offer an extensive network of industry contacts and proprietary lead generation strategies. These give you access to a vast pool of high-quality leads that match your target audience.
  • Expert Lead Qualification: Our team of experienced lead qualification experts thoroughly vet each lead to ensure they meet your criteria. We save you time and resources while increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.
  • Enhanced Sales Performance: Equipping your sales team with a steady stream of qualified leads will empower them to close more deals.

Why Choose McGRAW as Your B2B Lead Generation Company?


High-Quality Data

We meticulously source, verify, and cleanse our data to ensure its accuracy, completeness, and consistency.


Multiple Data Sources

We don't rely on a single data source. We tap into a diverse network, ensuring you have access to the widest possible pool of qualified leads.


Frequent Updates

Our team of experts continuously monitors and updates our data to ensure it reflects your industry's latest trends and developments.


Precise Error Detection

We employ sophisticated data validation and error detection tools to identify and eliminate inaccuracies in our data.


What are some sample headers?

We can filter by State, age, city, coverage type...Check out some headers:
Date_Posted, IP_Address, Insured, First_Name, Last_Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Date_Posted, IP_Address, Insured, First_Name, Last_Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Current_Coverage_Level

What other options are available?

We gather leads using diverse methods, catering to SMS, ringless voicemail, or traditional dialers. Our updated lists are crucial for insurance sales teams seeking to enhance marketing and lead generation, with access to extensive records and daily database updates.
Our leads are equally impressive. Through powerful internet marketing, we collect lead information and promptly provide you with phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses, and fax details for effective communication.

Why choose McGRAW?

Our lead acquisition techniques are robust. We conduct thorough research on YOUR industry. Additionally, we incorporate sales scripts from satisfied clients specializing in auto insurance. Our provided leads and lists are characterized by:
- Consistent Freshness
- Daily Updates
- Precise Filtering and Targeting
- Generated through Effective Marketing

Can I get a sample?

Yes, we do offer samples. Please click the button below, and we can get them over to you. We just need to get a sense of your parameters so we can get you the best possible sample. 

Fuel Your Business Growth with Predictable Lead Generation

Generate high-quality leads consistently with our cost-per-lead (CPL) service. Our experts manage everything from lead acquisition to qualification, allowing you to concentrate on the sales funnel, closing deals, and growing your small business.

Start generating leads today; partner with McGRAW.