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Get the best opt-in solar data on the market.

Discover the ultimate opt-in solar data available in the industry. The respondents of the McGRAW Home Solar Survey are a highly engaged group actively searching for residential solar panels. By simply filling out a form on our survey sites, these consumers are expertly matched with top-notch qualified solar contractors. Embrace the power of renewable energy with residential solar panels and unlock a multitude of benefits, including reduced electricity bills, a positive impact on the environment, and minimal maintenance costs. Connect with this responsive community of solar energy seekers who are eager to save money in the long run by harnessing the sun's clean and abundant energy.

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The Best Solar Data In The Industry

We offer diverse channels to reach your solar aged leads, encompassing phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, and mailing addresses. This ensures an all-encompassing connection with your potential clients. Consumers engaging with the McGRAW Home Solar Survey responders are notably proactive in their responses, indicating a strong interest in residential solar panels. Upon submitting a form to gather additional information from survey sites, these consumers are subsequently linked with top-tier, qualified solar contractors.  Our commitment to superior products is exemplified in one of our cherished offerings. This comprehensive, standalone form-fill lead sets itself apart from co-registration or incentivized paths. The traffic is generated through paid searches on leading search engines like Google AdWords, with online publishers directing visitors straight to the landing pages.