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Our auto insurance leads and data are our most comprehensive service offering. Our B2C customers are actively searching for online auto insurance and have willingly subscribed to receive your exclusive offer. Rev up your business; partner with McGRAW today to buy auto insurance leads that drive success and boost your sales. 

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Our Automotive Database is composed of auto owners who have purchased a new or used vehicle. These consumers have opted in to receive offers from marketers in the automotive industry as well as others. This data has been sourced from service and repair facilities, credit bureaus, self-reported data, and various public databases. 

We validate every vehicle identification number against what is on the dealer lot and what is not so you can be sure you are using one of the most detailed and trusted sources of consumer vehicle data on the market.


What are some sample headers?

We can filter by State, age, range, vehicle type...Check out some headers:

Date_Posted, IP_Address, Insured, First_Name, Last_Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email Address, Homeowner, Insurance_Coverage, Requested_Coverage, Current_Coverage_Level, Vehicle1_Vin, Vehicle1_Year, Vehicle1_Model, Vehicle1_Submodel, Vehicle1_Cylinders, Vehicle1_Usage, Vehicle1_Miles, Vehicle1_Yearly_Mileage, Vehicle1_System_Security, Vehicle1_Garage_Type, Vehicle1_Vehicle_Leased

What other options are available?

Using diverse methods, we gather aged auto insurance leads, catering to SMS, ringless voicemail, or traditional dialers. With access to thousands of records and daily database updates, our lists are a must-have for insurance sales teams looking to boost their marketing and lead generation.

Our aged auto insurance internet leads are equally impressive. Through powerful internet marketing, we collect lead information and promptly provide you with phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses, and fax details for effective communication.

Why choose McGRAW?

Our car warranty lead acquisition techniques are robust. We conduct thorough research on YOUR industry. Additionally, we incorporate sales scripts from satisfied clients specializing in auto insurance. Our provided leads and lists are characterized by:

- Consistent Freshness
- Daily Updates
- Precise Filtering and Targeting
- Generated through Effective Marketing

Can I get a sample?

Yes, we do offer samples. Please click the button below, and we can get them over to you. We just need to get a sense of your parameters so we can get you the best possible sample. 

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