The Best Brand Guide for a Business

What is The Brand Guide for a Business?

Brand books or brand guides, are an essential manual and rule book on how to communicate your business to the world.

The greatest brands lays out all the visual details, as well as important notes about the company’s logo, name, voice, and messaging.

The brand name doesn’t want to come in only as a visual but create almost a relationship or form of a physical journey to the readers eyes when looking at the brand. The logo should be able to portray the brand's visual story and hold recognizable details to be the first impression of your brand.

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Questions to ask your company about its logo?

  • Does the logo tell a story?
  • Does it grab the attention of the audience and encompass everything your brand stands for?
    Can others understand what the logo is? Or do you have to investigate?
  • Brand books cover the identity of companies.

What to include in the Brand Book:

  1. Logo
  2. Brand Strategy
  3. Brand Identity
  4. Brand Applications
  5. Typography
  6. Color Palette
  7. Slogan
  8. How to Use the Logo

When companies take the time to create brand guidelines, it helps to ensure that their brand image stays consistent no matter where it shows up. It is important to have “ new branding” to stay up with trends. This will pay off big time in the long run, as your company will generate recognition and accuracy that open the doors to brand loyalty.

Let’s dive into, creative brand guidelines examples that you can use as inspiration.


Pinterest Logo - McGrawNow

 While some logos and brand images might seem random, companies create them with specific strategy and meaning. Pinterest's whole brand is to inspire people. Collectively they combine advertising and positive impact while promoting other business names. Extensively, human collaboration, and the company combine top of the line graphics and on trend content.


Spotify Logo-McGraw


Spotify customizes playlists from everything to horoscopes, to most played, to even specific event types. The company implements the same straightforward approach in its brand identity guidelines as it does in its user interface. It elaborates on the important role its logo plays in identifying its brand, and how to combine the logo with the watermark in different contexts.

Spotify also incorporates a little bit of humor (playlist names) in its identity to keep things fun and intriguing , while driving home the brand’s character.



Nike Logo - McGrawNow


The basic swoosh says so much about the brand. This simple shape communicates movement, change, and innovation in one single, wordless shape.

As an addition, it also resembles a rounded version of a checkmark. Because the swoosh is different from every other shape and image used in corporate logos, it is highly recognizable and easy to identify. This mark likely has had a huge part in the success of this company as well as its ability to expand easily into new markets.


Tantra, Tulum Mexico


Tantra Mexico Logo - McGrawNow


 For restaurants or night life they become famous for their presentation not the name. Tantra has is well known for their Instagram presence. The boho and sophisticated style is inspired by culinary richness of Indonesia. The pictures on their page are bright, and show fine detail down to the texture of the food.

Celebrities fly into Tulum, Mexico just to visit Tantra. How do they find Tantra? It's a commitment to Instagram.



Apple Logo - McGrawNow


The bitten apple will always be related to this company, which means it is a complete identity design success.

Although the image has been used in a variety of colors, from a rainbow to basic, shiny silver, it is still identifiably Apple. The bite out of the apple is the secret to this equation


It gains enough interest to keep people looking, although it certainly does not complicate the design or detract from its simplicity. We all know the brand Apple for its simple yet creative logo design.



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