McGraw worked with the St. Augustine Real Estate to build a consistent online experience for their business and prospects with HubSpot's website tools. The website was made to reflect the personality of St. Augustine and showcase the beautiful real estate available.


St. Augustine Real Estate Company needed an easy-to-use CMS that allowed them to update their website quickly and easily for both customers and realtors alike. A structured website would allow clients to be able to easily navigate. The marketing team was also looking to centralize all their partner data in one system, and reduce the number of tools they were using to track partner engagement and lead generation.


  • Understanding how to craft a website for the client's experiences.
  • To understand precisely where their traffic is coming from, what converts best, and if their form conversions are increasing.


The solution was to build St. Augustine Real Estate Company entire website on HubSpot. We added in an IDX integration so that people can easily see what real estate listings are available. Additionally, we used SEO improvements so they can rank higher than their competitors.

Goals Met

  • Customers achieve their goal of selling properties and gaining local authority and exposure as a premiere real estate office.
  • With CMS Hub, St. Augustine life is able to measure the success of their website with attribution reports by page and channel.
  • More powerful in functionalities and features.
  • HubSpot CMS hub allows us to make updates easily.


  • Integrated an IDX system
  • Display MLS listing on agent websites
  • Provide consumers a way to search for active listings.
  • Protect consumer contact/budget information by allowing them to choose which real estate professional to share it with.