Email marketing is one of the major ways through which organizations develop a personal touch with their clients. Why should you consider outsourcing such a crucial communication medium? What factors should you have in mind before making such an important decision? Who is the best marketing partner to outsource your strategy? In this blog post, we will answer these questions in detail.

The Best Marketing Partners to Outsource Email Marketing Strategy From

Understanding the hits and misses of your in-house email marketing campaign is the first thing you need to do before outsourcing any external strategy. This process involves analyzing the elements of your current strategy against the targets you want to achieve. These elements include content design, testing and previewing, and customer service. While doing your analysis, it is important to identify the best marketing partner you can engage in reaching out to both cold and warm markets. They include:

1. Call Centre Helper

Call Centre Helper is a great place to go to improve the quality of your customers' experiences. This resource will help you increase your number of subscribers by offering professional help in the aspects of customer interaction like advertising and content creation.

2. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a great marketing partner to increase your traffic flow. He mainly offers blog creation, search engine optimization, and continuous learning solutions.

Yesware is the place to go for solutions involving sales prospecting, cold calling and emailing, customer follow-up, and B2B selling.


SmartBug is a digital marketing blog that offers expertise in inbound marketing, e-commerce marketing, paid media, sales enablement, web design, video marketing, public relations, creative branding, search engine optimization, integration and migration and HubSpot implementation.

House of Revenue

House of Revenue is the perfect marketing partner for solutions around increasing cash flow and scaling. Some of Its core building blocks include inbound and marketing automation and HubSpot and customer relationship management implementations.

Rev Partners

For solutions in the design and management of your revenue engine, RevPartners is the place to go. Its services include customer resource management, content creation, and HubSpot training.

If you are not maximizing the potential of your email marketing campaign, now is the time to outsource. Engage the marketing partners mentioned above and be on your way to increasing your subscription numbers, generating new leads, and scaling your business. For more information or help with your marketing strategies, give us a call today!