Moten Tate, Inc. (MTI) An NMSDC Certified Company, has assembled national resources to create solutions for customers in staffing, information technology/engineering augmentation and human capital consulting.

At A Glance

Overall increase of KPI year to year:

  • 200% increase in followers/likes.(Across all platforms)
  • 67% increase in LinkedIn Ad clicks from 1st campaign to 2nd.
  • 30% increase in impressions over the duration of the social media campaign
  • 64% increase in Click through rate from 1st campaign to 2nd.
  • 5% increase in Unique Visitors. (from year to year)
  • 960% increase in Custom Button Clicks (from year to year)
  • 836% increase in Page Views (from year to year)


Moten Tate is a recruiting and staffing agency. As a nationally recognized company, they strive to reach a range of talent across the U.S. While offering a variety of services including; staffing, IT/engineering augmentation, human capital resources, contract vehicles, and assessment  and selection. They desired to increase their impressions across all of their social media platforms. Along with curated content creation to showcase their workforce capabilities and simultaneously attracting the best talent for employment.


McGraw was able to provide solutions for these needed objectives. Starting with developmental communication on the set desires. McGraw then gathered this communication to build two campaigns. Accompanying strategic planning and gathering of analytic data to use to reflect on key areas of improvement on impressions and reach. Specifically, provided LinkedIn services, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Posts. Through this methodology, McGraw was able to optimize their social media platforms to deliver considerable percentages for KPI from year to year.