You may ask yourself what is brand purpose?

Well, it's actually quite simple. When you are building your brand or doing a “brand refresh.” This is where you begin.

Brand purpose definition is when a company is built with a solid foundation to give the brand direction. When a brand has purpose it portrays their values, visions and the overall mission.

Purpose driven brands not only bring in more sales, but have more returning clients.

Brand purpose is the core of the business. This is the reason the brand is surviving. When someone stumbles across your brand whether it be online or in stores, they want to know the “why” behind your brand. The purpose of branding a product is to get people to try your product, and love what they are using! And what isn’t to love when you're supporting an ethical brand!

When you find the fuel behind your organization or company—AKA the reason you get up in the morning. Purpose should guide decisions, mold goals, shine through your employees, portray the journey your clients will go on, and create clear meaning. Keep in mind purpose doesn’t mean much if it isn’t shown through marketing and how your industry operates. Your one purpose brand has to walk the walk and talk the talk!

At McGRAW our principles can help your brand lead with purpose. We lay out a clear analysis of how to have brand success. We make it consistently achievable by connecting it to your everyday web design, posts, stories, reels and more. Purpose needs to be something that is intertwined with everything your company does! Our brand purpose principles will be what guides everything from the services you offer to the color palette designed!

Brand purpose can be hard to nail down! But with help from McGRAW your vision will be clear and concise!