The best guide to create videos, right here!

Videos are the new old best all-around way to show yourself and sell yourself.  No one has time anymore. We are all scrolling, watching, absorbing. No time any more to even read. We scroll and watch at every moment of our lives. When we wake, before sleep, even when we are going to the bathroom.

We are all too busy to read thru content, we must be entertained thru content. If you are not putting yourself and your company on the reels, the tick-tok, the instant viewing sites you will soon be forgotten. No judgement here, it is just our new reality and we either follow the times or get left behind.

Everyone knows social media is the new frontier. It is being expanded and developed at an alarmingly fast pace. The most important way to be seen and remembered thru social media is with video productions. In a recent study researchers found that visual content is 40% more likely to be engaged in and actively shared than all text content. Video is becoming increasingly important; most organizations consider it the MOST important communication channel for audiences. Infact, it is predicted online videos will account for 82% of all consumer traffic by 2022. Not surprised here.


Why is video so engaging, so entertaining, so capable of capturing our attention? Are we just lazy? No, we are just a visual audio species. Videos grab our attention; they are easy to consume and quickly bring us into the world of the producer.

What makes an ENGAGING video?

Video engagement and success on social media, your website, blogs lie in the ability of the video to condense all your important messages down to bite size morsels of content that is both long enough to engage your audience and short enough to leave them yearning for more.


That’s the trick. Tell your story, your company’s message and leave the viewer wanting more. People lose interest and will push that scroll button after a short 8 seconds.  Those first few seconds are crucial. Pull in your viewer, give them a laugh, connect emotionally, use your creativity to get them interested. It is in those first few seconds that they will subconsciously make the decision to keep watching, to hear you out or scoll to other content. Make the most of that time.

Creative Ways to keep your viewer

Start with a though provoking question. Use strong hooks. Refer to personally inspiring quotes. Engage with powerful visuals, appealing music.

Must include

Its important that you let your viewer know about you. Videos  are a great way to let your followers see the people and processes behind the scene of your company. Humanize your company. No one wants to be sold, we are all searching for connection. Connecting with the companies employees, bosses, and processes create true connection. Be voulnerable, show them your struggles, what you have overcome to be successful. If you are only posting business related content people who engage with you on a personal level will begin to tune you out, and connect your site with content that is not diverse, human, or entertaining enough. Be real.

Don’t lose your brand name though. Ensure you always have your brand logo watermarked, include the brand name throughout, and highlight the product or service you are selling.

Happy Endings

So important to leave your viewer uplifted and wanting more. If you are entertaining or informative enough, they will even repost and share. The value of the right repost cannot be understated.  End with a call to Action. Tell your viewer where to go, what to do next, always giving your information so they know who to contact and how to utilize your profession.

Our team here at McGraw are experts at video production specialized for social media. We have an entire team dedicated to creating animation and live video production. Please give us a call or email and let us know how we can help you create the video content you need to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.