Email Marketing

 1. Email Marketing is about getting Personal.

 When you personalize an email the audience feels as if you are trying to connect with them as an individual. You don’t just need to target viewers by personalizing with their email. You need to create relevance.

What are the 5 best email marketing strategies? How is this information relevant to your reader? How are you solving this client's problems? What problems is your client facing today? You need to anticipate that the client is having particular problems and you are helping or guiding the client to a solution.

 You need to create a strategy to promote your relevance in their inbox. Why do they want to click your particular email aside from others?

2. It’s not all about discounts or mail-order selling

 Every email in your inbox screams SALE or Discount Code. You don’t always want to seem as if you are giving something away. Email marketing is about growing your business, not having people pay half price. While sales and promotions can intrigue your audience it is the core connection through the  relationship that will keep your clients returning.

McGRAW sends emails to educate our clients. How can they improve their overall business. What tips and tricks can we show them to improve their company ROI. We want to help clients for a lifetime to ensure they are always growing their business.

3. Consistency is Key.

 When are you sending emails and how often? This is an important aspect of gaining the clients trust and attention. When we consistently send emails & help our clients solve problems they begin to trust us. Then we can see the conversion rates, improve our efficiency, and allow us to easily see which viewers are interacting with the email.

4. Use a Cliffhanger in Your Subject Line

 How do you get more people to open your emails?

You want to engage with your client by making them curious about the subject line.

Leave the subject line almost incomplete.. So the reader has no choice but to click open. For example: If you were a hotel or blogger you may use: “ The greatest place to escape..”

5. Make Engagement a Priority

 How do we make our sales grow? We always carry an underlying goal behind each task we do, and it is usually to increase sales! Even though we know the most important aspect of sales is to make relationships in the back of our mind we always know the long term goal.

Relationships = Sales..

People sign up to our email list because we provide the audience with tips to grow their business. They are learning while improving sales. The engagement expands when the audience wants to know more about what they can learn to improve their ROI

Remember, engagement is the key to driving traffic to your website while making returns through email marketing.

Always run a solid email campaign that makes the audience “click” open!


 For more top tips and tactics to improve your e-Mail Marketing, set up a consultation with our team at McGRAW