Entrepreneur, PodCast host, Speaker, Owner, Surfer... what else can't he do?

About Chip McGraw

Marketing and Sales Guru specializing in lead generation and sales acceleration, highly focused on helping his customers improve Revenue Operations, perfect their sales processes as well as increasing ROI on marketing expenses while shortening sales cycles. Extensive experience marketing Real Estate, Building Construction Services and Materials, Financial Services, Personal Loans, Business Loans, Automotive, Insurance, Warranty (Home & Auto), Software, Manufacturing, Health and Wellness.

Chip has been fortunate enough to have traveled the world to fuel his stoke and passion for surfing and adventure. He considers himself a citizen of the world and has lived as an ex-pat in Central America. Chip has enjoyed living his dream as a globetrotter with a surfboard, and has financed his adventures and ex-pat lifestyle by creating his own opportunities utilizing his degree in Spanish and Latin-American studies and his natural understanding of business.

Through those international experiences he has gained knowledge in operations, business development, strategy & sales, as well as an in-depth understanding of business culture and processes in Latin America and a vast knowledge of the dynamics of emerging markets. He is an articulate communicator fluent in English & Spanish, and utilizes the collective experiences and knowledge he has gained throughout his career to assist others in achieving their goals, objectives and dreams.

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Video: How it all started with our CEO - Chip McGraw

Listen to our fearless leader tell the tale of his entrepreneurship and strategy to build our McGRAW empire. 

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