McGraw’s and McGarvey Residential Communities Marketing Efforts 

Mcgraw is a full-service marketing agency that McGraw is passionate about tackling opportunities like brand development, inbound marketing strategy, and lead generation so that you can start seeing scalable and consistent solutions. With over 10+ years of experience, our goal is to employ McGraw's valuable and personalized digital marketing strategies to meet and exceed profit goals.

We know that customer engagement is crucial to the sales process, especially when it comes to direct messaging. McGraw worked with McGarvey closely to deliver fantastic results. We were hired to provide social media and Google Adwords management, web design, billboard management, provided quality sales staff, lead generation and nurturing. McGarvey hired McGraw to provide an entire marketing full-stack service to help market and sell residential developments and that is exactly what we were able to provide.

We specialize in Inbound Marketing methods and our results are driven by technology and implemented with expertise. Our team is on top of every little detail, making sure your company has an edge over your competitors.

Our Approach

We want to capitalize on all your traffic generating activities to convert organic traffic into actionable leads for your business. We consult with our client, and this case McGarvey, to help you identify the target market, create an effective inbound strategy, and implement a coordinated revenue growth strategy. We act as your strategic creative consultant marketing partner to help you scale your business. McGarvey is a perfect example of the returns that we can help you achieve. 

Client Background

McGarvey Residential Communities has been constructing vintage Florida villages for over 35 years, deliberately planned communities that are surrounded with natural beauty.  There are porches to enjoy the breezes and meet up with neighbors, elegant streets with natural grasses, trees, and great spots to relax and socialize. Their business plan was created to profit from our passion while also providing a safe and welcoming environment to others in the community to mingle and share a company dedicated in creating communities that will last for years to come and celebrate Florida's incomparable natural resources. McGarvey has grown significantly since its inception, and we are currently building Ocean Ridge, a new community in St. Augustine Beach that represents a commitment to the preservation of Florida's natural resources.

McGarvey Residential Communities was founded in 1980 as a residential community to develop some of North Florida's most desirable neighborhoods, including Ocean Walk in Atlantic Beach, Seaside in Ponte Vedra Beach, and its newest communities, Sea Colony, Anastasia Dunes, and Sea Grove in St. Augustine Beach, as well as Old San Jose on the River in Jacksonville. We have a proven business record, and each McGarvey community exemplifies the company's core values. This case study is focusing specifically on Park Ridge and Ocean Dunes where you will be able to see the total percent of sales that was used in the marking efforts to produce leads for under $100!

Park Ridge

Park Ridge is a 66-unit townhome complex located in the heart of St Augustine's commercial district. Park Ridge is within one mile from the Cobblestone shopping plaza, which includes Publix, Michael's Crafts, Bed Bath and Beyond, and other stores. McGarvey Communities' objective for Park Ridge is maintenance-free townhomes. They are just miles away from area attractions, dining, medical facilities, restaurants, shopping, and top-rated St. Johns County Schools, this property is conveniently located less than 5 miles from the ocean. There are no size or breed restrictions in Park Ridge, and people can fully enjoy.  Park Ridge is suitable for a wide range of buyers who have one thing in common that is a passion for the St Augustine way of life.

As you can see below, McGraw’s marketing efforts equated to a significant increase in profit with a low cost per lead and percentage of overall sales. Park Ridge was a particularly special case to present at a low cost of $88 per lead. This neighborhood has had 36 of 66 closed while all of them are under contract. Park Ridge only spent 1.17% of their total sales on Marketing which goes to show the incredible return on investment that was achieved while working with McGraw.

 Please review the below table to see how our marketing dollars were used to create a profitable deal for Park Ridge.

Ocean Dunes.

Ocean Dunes is a newest residential community of 12 large home sites located on Ponte Vedra Boulevard. Located at 1138-1152 Ponte Vedra Blvd. at the intersection of Mickler Road, Ocean Dunes lots have beautiful views of the Guana Preserve. With the opportunity to permit boardwalks to scenic Guana River, and all lots having private boardwalk access to the beach, Ocean Dunes provide opportunities to enjoy two of Ponte Vedra’s most coveted natural amenities. Ocean Dunes also provide the limited opportunity of living in the private and intimate location with its fantastic views of Guana Preserve is very appealing.

McGarvey Residential Communities announced that the homes are being developed as part of Ocean Dunes at 1138-1152 Ponte Vedra Blvd near Mickler Road in St. Johns County. The limited opportunity of living in this private and intimate location with its fantastic views of Guana Preserve is very appealing. Historically these plots of land date back to 1784, where they served as a rice plantation owned by James Grant, governor of East Florida. The site is along Ponte Vedra Beach Boulevard at the intersection of Mickler Road.

At $79, McGarvey was able to sell out of their community in its entirety which only came to less than 1% of their entire sales. With $8 million in sales, the marketing efforts came at a fraction of the total percentage of sales which reinforces the need for quality marketing services.

Please review the below table to see how our marketing dollars were used to create a profitable deal for Ocean Dunes.


Overall, our partnership with McGarvey was massively successful helping to achieve $25 million between the two communities. When it comes to consulting, McGraw guided the business into increased profit and sales and leveraged the power of inbound marketing to convert optimal leads. We developed a scalable process using a reliable digital and physical advertising campaigns that engaged consumers and ensured an incredible low cost per lead, as well as a low spend in relation to the percentage of sales.