McGRAW worked with COX 2M, a subsidiary of COX Communications, which provides turnkey ability to monitor and track commercial assets and commercial fleet.


COX 2M had four different connected asset services that they wanted completely separate from each other. The reasoning was so that a client would reach the right team for their support request. The client needed landing pages and custom forms set up for each asset in HubSpot with extensive Workflows set up to direct the appropriate forms/pages to the right internal team. COX 2M also needed an informational hub for their clients that had information pertaining to each asset service as well.


  • Did not have one place for all of their customers to navigate to for troubleshooting
  • Did not have a separate website page for each of their connected asset services
  • Street People


Our solution was that we set up a landing page for each asset service, and built custom forms to be placed on each landing page attached to the appropriate service. Each page was branded according to the asset service with a unique look and a custom workflow was set up for each, so that when a form was filled out, the submission would be automatically sent to the correct team and the team would be notified that a submission was inputted.

Goals Met:

  • Created a knowledge base as a hub for all clients to use for troubleshooting and technical resources.
  • Created four landing pages with a custom form built into each
  • Built four workflows so that submissions from each form are routed to the correct internal team
  • Integrated Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn business accounts into HubSpot
  • Ongoing management of social media accounts including post creation and engagement.


  • Created a company knowledge base as a support hub for all clients.
  • Separated each asset service with its own landing page and custom form for internal use.