We were hired on this Jacksonville Boat Show project with the ultimate goal of producing as many ticket sales as possible for their Winter 2022 event. To increase ticket sales, we used a few different strategies that will be covered in this Case Study. Overall, we provided paid advertising on social media, Google AdWords management, television/mobile device streaming, email marketing, and programmatic audio services. 

McGraw’s Background. 

Mcgraw is a full-service marketing agency that McGraw is passionate about tackling opportunities like brand development, inbound marketing strategy, and lead generation so that you can start seeing scalable and consistent solutions. With over 10+ years of experience, our goal is to employ McGraw's valuable and personalized digital marketing strategies to meet and exceed profit goals.

As an agency, we specialize in Inbound Marketing methods and our results are driven by technology and implemented with expertise. Our team is on top of every little detail, making sure your company has an edge over your competitors and that your expectation is succeeded. 

Our Approach 

We capitalized on all your traffic generating activities to convert organic traffic into actionable leads for your business. We helped to identify the target market, create an effective inbound strategy, and implement a coordinated revenue growth strategy.

We acted as the strategic creative consultant marketing partner to help scale their project effectiveness. Jacksonville Boat Show is a perfect example of the returns that we can help you achieve.  

Client Background

The North Florida Marine Association (NFMA) hosts this event on a yearly basis for a large variety of boats on display, from skiing, fishing, cruisers, personal watercrafts, and much more. Vendors, like Vystar Credit Union, Strike Zone Fishing, Barracuda Batteries, and Ag-Pro to name a few, provide easy to access purchasing options for all sorts of boating needs. There are seminars and educational opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy. 

Our Scope with Jacksonville Boat Show

Partnering with McGraw allowed NFMA to achieve targeted results for The Jacksonville Boat Show. We were able to track conversions, increase the number of ticket sales through targeted advertising on a variety of media channels, and ultimately delight the customer with our approach.

Our goal was to employ McGraw’s valuable and personalized digital marketing strategies to meet and exceed ticket sales. 

We are experts at observing and understanding human behavior, which fuels our data. We gained a competitive advantage with our digital advertising by using technology that identified and reached a certain boating market within the North Florida and South Georgia market with precision.

Paid Ads – Google & Paid Social for Jacksonville Boat Show

McGraw designed and managed paid ads across Google Ad Words and Microsoft Bing. With our targeted approach using Geofencing technology, we optimized these campaigns for the allotted five weeks to promote ticket sales for the boat show. Working closely with our Chief Technology Officer and data scientist, we provided staggering results and impressions which is defined below.

We were sure to include and expand on all relevant zip codes that were within the target market. Marinas, tackle shops, and large department stores were targeted to provide data for our audiences, as well.

We managed search budgets and bids with a keyword strategy to optimize our campaign results to increase web traffic and sales. 

Apart from Google, McGraw designed and displayed ads across all Jacksonville Boat Show social media accounts and platforms. Our content-based promotion of the Jacksonville Boat Show increased ticket sales using the established communities and potential gain of active boaters and owners in the area. Using analytics tracking tools, we improved engagement and ticket sales across all channels. 

Email Marketing  for Jacksonville Boat Show

We are experts at curating audiences that are in-line with the “boating & boat owner” persona to provide a targeted experience. We promoted the event to their past ticket purchasers and newly sourced subscribers to improve site traffic and sales. McGraw specializes in lead nurturing to remarket to existing customers for repeat purchasing and full-scale advertising for ticket sales through email marketing sequences. 

Programmatic Services – Audio & Video

Whether video or audio, we provided programmatic services that were steamed on tabletop and mobile devices around our specific targeted locations. We served targeted ads on premium stations like NBC, ABC, FOX Sports, NFL, FX, TNT, NBC Sports, Discovery, and many more. With our trusted Over-the-Top TV solutions, we use full transparency using dashboard communication. Additionally, connected streaming services like Hulu, Roku, Sling, Amazon were used to achieve desired results.

Additionally, programs like Spotify were useful in commercials on podcasts with our desired market. With the help of ad tagging, our delivered impressions were tracked, verified, and optimized. 


Overall, the best performing channel was our paid social campaigns as it pulled in substantial impressions at 918,656 with a low cost per click rate at $0.79. Review the table below to see total Ad Spend Details. We continuously monitored the campaigns and funnels to review the highest conversion rates with the lowest cost per clicks. During our campaign, we noticed that our Google cost per click was almost $1 more expensive than our paid ads, so we decided to actively direct more funds into the paid social campaigns for a better result.

Looking at the ticket sales from 2021, the total came out to $17,918 with 1,532 attendees. In 2022, we surpassed last year’s sales by $6,287.24 resulting in a 35.1% increase YoY.  

Please review the below tables to see how our marketing dollars were used to create a profitable event for The Jacksonville Boat show .




Our partnership with the Jacksonville Boat Show was hugely successful as we assisted in selling a record number of tickets and vendors commenting on their low inventory levels from a successful showing. Using our allotted marketing budget, we actively optimized our advertising channels to maximize the client’s return on investment. We leveraged our robust database of consumer intelligence to develop scalable and reliable digital advertising campaigns and ultimately generate revenue.  Conclusion.