It’s 2021 and most brand & businesses advertise on social media. If your business isn’t on social media it isn’t operating at its fullest potential. When your brand is engaging on social media it reaches the audience it needs to.

When you want to keep growing your business and sales you need to funnel all your socials. Funneling is when you create links and calls to action on all of your platforms. You want to make sure that your social media presence is strong. Whether it be on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn you need to match where your audience is going to be scrolling.

So take into consideration what is your demographic and how old are the people you are targeting? Where are they living? What other topics your potential clients may be searching on Google. Your business needs to align with where they’re going to be looking for answers to their problems.

So, how to make your social media better?

Listen to your audience. You want to see what your audiences problems are and educate them on how you can make their life simpler.

Be Consistent.

You want to be very consistent with your brand theme and how often you are posting. You want to engage with your audience by asking questions related to their problems. Take instagram polls, videos, and educate your audience on topics related to your brand.

Share your personal story.

The audience wants to know..

  1. Who you are?
  2. Why your brand in particular is better than other brand just like yours…
  3. Why your brand is so important to you?
  4. How can your brand help solve your audiences problems?

When you’re authentic on social media your audience feels like they know you and they want to be a part of your “tribe”.

What is special about your brand compared to other companies that have your same exact product? Answer that on social media. There’s 1 million other products out there like yours but what makes yours special? Why do people want to buy from you? Put that on your social media.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is going to bring traffic to your website & socials. It will kind of funnel everything together. You are not only gaining organic clients but to parts of the globe.


At McGRAW we help leverage all your socials to intertwine and perform exceptionally. As experts at marketing we heighten your chances of making sales online!