Revenue Operations

(Rev Ops)

“We build, optimize and execute on your
entire revenue process. ”

Revenue Operations (also know as RevOps) is redefining the sales industry as we know it,
transitioning from traditional sales operations to a new, inventive arena of revenue intelligence.
This is where the rapidly expanding field of RevOps comes into play.


Aligning Teams

Aligning teams and adhering to a common set of revenue metrics.

Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations Workflow and Mapping.

Streamlining Tools

Streamlining tools and technology to capitalize on clear, meaningful data.

Sales Operations Workflow

Sales Operations Workflow and Mapping.

Techstack Audit

Techstack Audit, Consulting, and Implementation.

Dedicated Growth Managers

Dedicated Growth Managers.

Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports & Weekly Syncs.

Revenue Operation Build

Revenue Operation Build.

Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard.

RevOps Consulting Services You Can Count On

If you’re looking for revenue operations consulting services to help boost your company’s bottom line, there’s only one name you need to know: McGRAW. At McGRAW, our team has years of experience providing high-quality RevOps consulting services for businesses both big and small, so you can rest assured when you choose to work with us that your revenue systems are in the right hands.

RevOps consulting helps your business maximize its revenue potential. McGRAW can help you align your sales, streamline your marketing strategies, and boost your post-sales. With our revenue operations consulting services on your side, your business stands a better chance at success because we’ll help you optimize the customer journey for sustainable growth.

If you’re ready to get started working with our RevOps consulting services, reach out to our team at McGRAW today. We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation with you to walk you through how our services can improve your business operations.

How Can RevOps Benefit My Business?

Revenue operations provide a wide array of advantages that business owners can benefit from. Some of the key ways your company could benefit include:

  • Improved marketing strategies: RevOps can help to improve your company’s marketing efforts by aligning your metrics and KPIs and boosting your market tracking. Because our RevOps consulting services streamline your tech and increase your marketing team’s access to data from other teams in your business, your marketing team can make better decisions and be more productive.
  • Improved sales and revenue generation: Our revenue operations consulting team at McGRAW are aware of each and every stage of the sales process in your company. That means, in the event that something goes wrong, we can efficiently fix that mistake before a small problem can become a big disaster. This allows your company’s in-house sales representatives to work more closely with potential customers and business partners, increasing your sales numbers and improving your bottom line.
  • Improved customer service: With revenue operations consulting, your company’s in-house teams are better able to work together and their operations are more streamlined. This enables your teams to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of your customers, which increases customer success and satisfaction. Not only does this increase the chances of sustaining a loyal customer base for your company but it also encourages those loyal customers to recommend your business to friends and family via word-of-mouth. According to Semrush, up to 64% of surveyed marketers agree that word-of-mouth is the number one most effective method of marketing, and 83% use word-of-mouth marketing to increase brand awareness.

With each of these benefits, it’s no secret that RevOps consulting is ideal for any business looking to boost their company operations. Contact McGRAW today to get started with our revenue operations consulting services and see for yourself how we can boost your bottom line.

We Analyze Your Metrics So You Don’t Have To

Revenue operations have a fair share of metrics that need to be accounted for and analyzed to provide quality insights for other teams. When you choose to work with McGRAW for your company’s revenue operations consulting, you can rely on us to navigate those metrics so you can focus your attention on improving marketing or sales strategies.

The metrics our RevOps consulting team will focus on include:

  • Customer churn rate: Customer churn rate, or attrition rate, is the percentage or number of customers that stop doing business with your company after a certain time.
  • Customer lifetime value: Customer lifetime value (CLV) refers to the average amount of revenue that’s generated by a customer over the entire lifetime of their relationship with your company. This number is your company’s way of estimating your potential for long-term growth and a customer’s profitability.
  • Customer acquisition cost: Customer acquisition cost (CAC) refers to how much your company spends turning potential customers into new, loyal customers.
  • Win rate: This refers to your sales team’s rate of success over a given period of time. To calculate your company’s win rate, divide the number of your sales team’s closed-won deals by the total number of deals that were in the team’s sales pipeline during a certain period.
  • Pipeline velocity: This refers to the speed at which potential customers and sales make their way through your company’s revenue pipeline. A slower pipeline velocity typically means there’s a problem that needs to be fixed along the sales route.
  • Sales cycle length: This refers to the amount of time it takes for your sales team to close on a deal with a potential customer from the moment they first interact to the time they part ways.
  • Annual recurring revenue: Your company’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) refers to the amount of money that comes into your business from recurring sources such as contractors and subscriptions throughout the year.
  • Renewals and upsells: This metric refers to the amount of money that your company makes from selling new products and services to your existing, loyal customers. This metric can also include the amount of money you make from getting existing customers to sign up for new subscriptions or contracts.
  • Forecast accuracy: Forecast accuracy is an essential metric for your business to track because it helps to determine just how predictable your company’s revenue is. If your revenue forecasting isn’t accurate, it can cause a whole slew of problems for budgeting.

Our revenue operations consulting services will monitor each and every one of these metrics to identify which areas can be improved to streamline your operations.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

With McGRAW on your side, you can feel confident knowing that you’re building on your RevOps strategy to boost your company’s bottom line, improve your relationship with your customers, and make your operations as efficient as possible for greater productivity. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with us!

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