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Nearshore Outsourcing Services

Nearshore solutions offer a fantastic middle ground between the high costs of domestic providers and the high risk of offshoring. With access to our English-proficient teams, we are able to provide dedicated representatives to represent your business and reach your goals.

McGRAW specializes in outsourcing solutions to nurture and close leads, automate sales processes and increase revenue. Let us handle your back-office processes so that you can focus on what you do best. Our team of specialized agents is fully trained to deliver results based on your specific company needs. We provide professional training to communicate your project goals and deliver on-target objectives. Some of the many services we can provide.

We apply our data-driven intelligence, innovation, and deep industry experience, together with the professional talent to drive business value and growth. We want to be more than you’re your outsourcing solution, we want to be your strategic partner. McGRAW provides expert analysis and automated capabilities to improve your business processes.

Why invest in BPO?

Save Time & Resources

Investing in these solutions will allow your team the bandwidth to focus on growth. When people think about outsourcing, the stigma is usually that you are simply moving labor somewhere else to get cheaper labor costs in return for a lower quality product or service. On the contrary, BPO allows your internal workforce more time and allocation of resources to focus on other funnels of your business. Simply put, BPO helps to organize labor more efficiently.

Professionally Trained BDRs & SDRs

Business Development Representatives (BDR) and Sales Development Representatives (SDR) are integral in creating new opportunities for your businesses. We have hundreds of professionally trained and multi-lingual Business Development Representatives that will help you to generate new opportunities and build your sales pipeline with hot leads. Unique to your business needs, our agents are key in helping your business scale to the next level. Our level of service ensures that your organization will be successful when we put the right agents on your team.

Unique to Your Business

We assemble a team of dedicated agents that fit your company culture and are uniquely equipped to meet your needs. We provide training and handling with your customers for optimal care. We want to make sure that our style of communication aligns with your values and that we provide high quality service for your customers to ultimately convert. We provide integrations that can be set up with your CRM, so you can keep track of our work in real time.

What Sets McGRAW Apart From Other BPO Outsourcing Companies?


At McGRAW, we pride ourselves on our extensive list of business connections all across the world. We work to get you the employees, leads, and services that are the perfect fit for your business vision. We have a deep understanding of what makes any business successful, but also have a passion for creating custom plans for marketing in your specific industry. We value you and your company as a unique project and strive to reflect your individual business goals and values in our work.

With our resources in your corner, there’s no limit to how much growth you can see. Not only will your business have access to excellent outsourced customer service resources and outbound marketing, but you will also have the experienced team at McGRAW with you every step of the way. Our years of experience in BPO outsourcing may speak for themselves, but we aim to impress you with every single service we provide, insourced or outsourced.

Additionally, McGRAW specializes in marketing through several different avenues at once to get you the greatest results possible. While BPO outsourcing services alone are fantastic, we also offer many different supplemental services to make your marketing campaign even more strong and impressionable. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to outsourcing, and work with all of our clients individually to decide which of our top-notch services would serve their goals best.

BDR Outsourcing

& SDR Outsourcing
by Industry

  • Customer Service and support
  • Business Development Reps
  • Automotive BDC
  • Outsourced sales operations
  • Lead Generation
  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Collections
  • B2B & B2C Campaigns

Services We Can Provide

Lead Generation


Appointment Setting

Customer Service

Hot Transfers


Lead Generation

It’s obvious that lead generation is a key component of growing any business venture. The hard part comes when you are tasked with compiling these leads alone. At McGRAW, we have access to an extensive database of connections for your business to explore, as well as a vast arsenal of tools to bring your target audience right to your door. The best part is that we will be with you every step of the way so that you can keep doing what you do best: managing your business!



The first step to selling a product or service is to locate your prospective clients or customers. Whether near or far, there are plenty of future customers out there just waiting to be marketed to. Between the many resources and tools that McGRAW has to offer, you can count on quickly finding new prospects globally and locally. 


Appointment Setting

If you are a consultation-based business, it can seem even harder to find solid leads that are willing to give you their time. You may think that you need to resort to marking and re-marking your calendar endlessly to get new clients, but fear not! At McGRAW, we understand that your time is extremely valuable. We take care of planning and scheduling appointments with all of your incoming leads, paying close attention to when you are free. Not only can we bring you new leads, but we can also fit them into your schedule too!


Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important elements of a growing business. We all have been subject to awful customer service at some point, and at McGRAW we believe that quick, helpful customer service is key to achieving your goals. Let the McGRAW team match your business with experienced customer service representatives to ensure every customer gets the attention they deserve.


Hot Transfers

McGRAW prides itself on flipping the traditional cold transfer customer service call on its head. Hot transfers are made by collecting as much information about the customer and the reason for their call before transferring the call to the perfect person for the issue. We specialize in making a customer service call as smooth as possible, and the hot transfer method has proved helpful for both callers and businesses alike. Why not cut out the frustration of two or more transfers and let our professional service teams handle your calls quickly and accurately?



Many businesses focus only on getting new customers instead of keeping the old ones, which is a fundamental mistake and oversight. Customer retention is key to seeing continued growth in your business, and we have just the tools and expertise to help you master it. Keep your customers coming back with smooth call transfers, easy appointment scheduling, and extremely friendly customer service agents.


Let McGRAW Take Customer Service Off of Your To-Do List


At McGRAW, we understand that it can be overwhelming to balance sales, marketing, and customer service all at once. This is why we invest our skills into more than just finding you hot leads. We believe that customer service is the key to customer retention, and we aim to provide you with high-quality tools to give your customers the individual attention they deserve before and after the sale.


Our BPO outsourcing services not only take your industry and marketing into consideration, but they also take into account your company values. Finding an outsourced service that represents your brand well is our top priority, and you can rest assured that only qualified individuals are assisting your clients. We know that trust is something to be earned, and our team at McGRAW aims to be your business’s most-trusted partner in growth. Why not let our years of experience work for you today and reach out? Give us a call at 1-(888)-343-3165 or email us at info@mcgrawnow.com. We look forward to working with you and providing you and your clients with the very best in customer service and support.