McGraw worked with A frame sauce company to retarget customers on a nurture workflow and sequence to re-engage customers with new promotions. Using A Frame's existing database to produce new advertisements for Facebook and Instagram platforms. Additionally setup the A Frame's eCommerce store and holiday promotion.


A Frame desired to use their existing database to refocus customers to drive traffic back to their social media platforms. As well as help organize and manage the customer database and campaign management on their eCommerce store. Essentially the goal was to work on

strategizing to achieve an enhanced digital advertisements and customer drive.


The solution was to re-target their consumer audience for the desired higher conversion rates. A crafted email campaign included 3 touch points to promote the 3-pack sauce packs, shown in the picture above. McGraw used A Frame's existing social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram to create a look-a-like audience to push ads that will attract new customers. A developed strategy was created to retarget shopping cart abandonments and

remarket to different stages of the buyer's journey. Additionally, promotions for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas for the eCommerce site.

Goals Met

  • Created attractive Calls-to-Action on the main e-commerce site for higher conversion.
  • Redirect to SquareSpace ecommerce site to purchase.
  • Strategized best ways to display products according to the respected promotions.
  • Created an approved digital advertisement with accompanying discount code to implement in SquareSpace and over the email nurture campaigns.

Performance & Results

  • 45% increase in sales since we started working with them compared to the same timeframe last year.
  • 18% increase in total annual sales compared to 2020
  • November 2021 MTD: 117% increase YoY
  • 2021 YTD Sales: 21% increase YoY
  • Record High Day for Sales on 1½ 6/2021
  • Record High Month for Sales in November 2021